Thermotabs® Buffered Salt Supplement

Nutritional Support For Chronic Fatigue, Muscle Cramps and Heat Prostration

Thermotabs® tablets are specially designed to minimize fatigue, muscle cramps or heat prostration due to excessive perspiration.

Thermotabs® can be used by golfers, tennis players and other athletes as well as at the beach or in homes, offices, stores, kitchens or industries where salt deficiency triggered by heavy perspiration during prolonged exposure to high temperatures causes heat fatigue.

Proper sodium levels in the body help maintain energy and promote muscle health.

Thermotabs provide a buffered source of sodium that is easily absorbed and doesn't upset your stomach. Sodium is necessary for maintaining proper water balance and blood pH. It is also needed for stomach, muscle, and nerve function. Thermotabs has been formulated to ensure the proper balance of potassium and sodium that is necessary for good health.